Asia is the cradle of a surprising cuisine: mystical, sensual and colourful all at once. It’s a region of the world, and a people, who have always succeeded in distinguishing themselves through their habits and simplicity. A smile, precise gestures and a distinction all their own.

An enchantment of the senses

We generally look elsewhere for what we can’t find at home. This is why the richness of Asian cuisine has totally enchanted our senses and shaped the inspiration of those who understood that placing Asian cuisine at the centre of our cookery books could only immerse us, for a culinary moment, in the enchanting atmosphere of there.

The pleasure of an authentic meal

As we travelled across this magnificent continent, we really learned to appreciate the authenticity of a local meal. Whether you’re in the heart of a bustling Bombay alleyway, at a floating market in Bangkok, or wandering through the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, it’s highly likely that your fondest memory of the day will be of a tasty and memorable meal. A lifelong attraction to the culture of Asian cuisine

A lifelong fascination with Asian culinary culture

An unwavering fascination with Asian culinary culture drives ISALI, inspiring it to present the very best of Asia in every carefully prepared dish. Whether you’re eating alone, with family or friends, or simply lack the time or inclination to cook, ISALI promises much more than a simple wok with a few ingredients. ISALI offers you a wealth of different flavours as well as a complete meal. Flavours and authenticity as if you were there. Your bag of pasta will be jealous of the noodles in your meal, while a new companion called rice will also join the party, adding a new dimension to your culinary experience.