Asia is the birthplace of a very different kind of cookery: mystical, sensual and colourful. It’s a region of the world filled with people who have always succeeded in distinguishing themselves through their customs and their simplicity. A smile, precise gestures and a form of distinction that is their very own.


The enchantment of the senses

We often look for things elsewhere that we don’t find at home. So it is that the riches of Asia cuisine have totally enchanted our senses and shaped the inspiration of anyone who has understood that placing Asian cooking at the centre of our cookery books can only immerse us – for that special culinary moment – in the fairytale atmosphere of those far-off lands.

The pleasure of an authentic meal

It has been by travelling in particular that we have discovered this beautiful continent and the pleasure of an authentic meal.

It’s a good bet that if you walk down a crowded alleyway in Bombay or decide to lose yourself in Bangkok’s floating market and that the memory of your cultural day spent in Beijing is completely eclipsed alongside the impression of the vibrant masses in Tokyo, then your most vivid memory of the day is very likely to be that of the meal(s) you ate along the way.


Perpetual attraction for the culture of Asian cuisine

As a result of this constant urge for the culture of Asian cookery, ISALI has dared bring the very best of what Asia has to offer in a meal ready cooked for you. Whether you eat alone, or still as a family, or surrounded by friends – or perhaps because you simply don’t fancy cooking yourself or you don’t have the time, ISALI can bring you much more than just a wok with a few ingredients to your table. In fact ISALI offers you a whole treasure chest of different tastes in addition to a complete meal.

Flavours and authenticity as though you were actually there. Your sachet of pasta will envy the noodles of your meal and a new companion named Basmati will also invite itself to the party sometimes.


Fresh ready meals with the refined flavours of Asia