Much more than an inspiration from Asia...

an embodiment of Asian cuisine

Sometimes cooking isn’t that simple. And yet, when it comes to Asian cuisine, to succeed in creating an authentic recipe, you need to be prepared with a mass of ingredients, including an incredible selection of spices. So why not put your trust in ISALI, which will meet your expectations and take you on a journey to the heart of Asia?

Ultra-fresh ingredients

4 regions of Asia in the spotlight, with fresh ingredients carefully selected to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Even if you’re not used to exotic food, let ISALI take you away to a new and exciting world.

Titillating the taste buds

Cooking should always be a pleasure, and ISALI will save you time where sometimes you just can’t find it. Without compromising on the quality of our precious ingredients or our desire to share our know-how. No wonder then, whether at the office or at home, or with friends, ISALI is there to tantalise your taste buds for a marvellous culinary experience.

From timidly spicy

to subtly sweet

A range of recipes from a menu that goes from timidly spicy to subtly sweet, and sometimes slightly salty, not forgetting the discreetly caramelised. From India to China and from Thailand to Japan.

Premium ingredients

With products made in our own production workshop, ISALI cooks up delicious little dishes with authentic, healthy flavours. Premium ingredients and total control over production ensure consistent quality and taste. A know-how that remains faithful to the consumer.

Authenticity & originality

Authenticity goes hand in hand with the originality of our recipes, which are available in a wide range of ready-made dishes. You’ll simply find them in the refrigerated section. If you’ve decided to put Asia in the spotlight at your next meal, then ISALI will be proud to be part of your culinary journey.