Chicken Tikka Masala

& Basmati rice

A word to the curious: when eating masala, be ready to be transported to truly exquisite flavours. Chicken in a rich and creamy sauce. Gentle spices and flavours that are soft on the palate, creating an ode to great taste.

Bombay Chicken

& Basmati rice

Get ready to be surprised: this is Bombay Chicken. The concoction will make you think of masala, to which it adds a touch of spiciness. And this “sweet-and-spicy” character will surprise you. Tender pieces of chicken topped with a creamy, yet subtly spiced sauce.

Chicken Korma

& Basmati rice

Curry or Korma, a beautifully rich blend. India will surprise you yet again, taking you on a trip to spicy and creamy harmony. Pure, unalloyed pleasure. Chicken enriched with a subtly flavoured coconut sauce.

Butter Chicken

& Pilau rice

Created in the back streets of Delhi, in a magical place called “Chandni Chowk”, Isali Butter Chicken responds to lovers of Indian cuisine by adding a new authentic twist that travels along India’s spice road.