Jump aboard a “Tuk Tuk” or Sahm-lor and don’t be afraid! It may shake, rattle and roll and go very fast. It may look as though it’s about to topple over on its three wheels, but it’s an adventure and well worth making the trip. Just like the Bangkok noodles that guide you through unexplored areas of the country as they win you over on an unforgettable journey of endless flavours.



In China, time sometimes stands still and the nation’s past temps constantly resonates before the traveller. While IMPERIAL is synonymous with authentic flavours, these exquisite noodles will delight your palate and transport you back to the majestic past of the Middle Empire.



Mandarin, did you say – and you thought that it’s Cantonese? Think again, because there’s a major surprise in store. The way the North expresses itself is not the same as the South. Sure, it’s bursting with white rice and full of ham sprinkled with green peas; but ISALI Mandarin Rice will always tempt and seduce you by its very difference.