Sweet and sour chicken

& perfumed rice

The gentles of real sweet and sour revisited for a surprising taste. The chicken breast is surrounded by pineapple and subtly crunchy fruit to create a new take on this great classic.

Shanghai Pork

& perfumed rice

Anyone who says five-spice thinks of Shanghai. This richly tasty and subtle mixture delivers a flavour without compromise. Lean pork and a choice of vegetables enhanced by a timid yet fruity touch will surprise and delight you.

Curry Chicken

& perfumed rice

Chinese curry? Above all a curry with perfectly balanced flavour. With tender chicken and crunchy baby vegetables, this is a dish you’ll choose for its personality and originality.


& perfumed rice

Peking, did you say? That’s right! Chicken, vegetables, soy and that little caramelised touch that gets the taste buds jumping. Fine harmony and a flavoursome taste that just need your plate to come into their own.



In China, time sometimes stands still and the nation’s past temps constantly resonates before the traveller. While IMPERIAL is synonymous with authentic flavours, these exquisite noodles will delight your palate and transport you back to the majestic past of the Middle Empire.



Mandarin, did you say – and you thought that it’s Cantonese? Think again, because there’s a major surprise in store. The way the North expresses itself is not the same as the South. Sure, it’s bursting with white rice and full of ham sprinkled with green peas; but ISALI Mandarin Rice will always tempt and seduce you by its very difference.

Cantonese Rice

Cantonese? Everyone knows it. Rice surrounded by cubes of ham, eggs and peas. Sautéed in the wok, it has become a great classic. With ISALI’s touch of originality, it will invite itself to your table to create a successful meal.